eDrive Coach

A Game-Changing Energy Savings Software for Fleet Managers

Introducing eDrive Coach

eDrive Coach intelligent event alerts keep drivers one step ahead, providing timely advice on navigating obstacles, traffic conditions, and terrain variations for optimal energy consumption. Our sophisticated software transforms every drive into a strategic journey, seamlessly balancing efficiency, safety, and productivity

Revolutionizing Fleet Efficiency

For Fleet Managers, eDrive Coach delivers invaluable insights with real-time, aggregated data on driver performance, enabling effective fleet management and cost-saving opportunities. With our comprehensive analytics, you can make informed decisions, streamline operations, and maximize your fleet’s range for a greener, more profitable business.


Optimized Energy Savings

eDrive Coach smart alerts and eco-driving application enable drivers to adeptly handle diverse road events, traffic, and terrain, maximizing energy conservation. This leads to decreased energy usage, letting your fleet travel further on one charge, substantially reducing operational expenses, and promoting a cleaner environment.

Data-Driven Fleet Management

Leveraging real-time driver performance data, eDrive Coach offers invaluable insights for efficient fleet management. Robust analytics enable informed decisions, streamlining operations, route optimization, and uncovering cost-saving potential. This data-centric strategy boosts fleet efficiency and range, fostering a profitable, eco-friendly business.

Engaging Driver Motivation

eDrive Coach gamified efficiency leaderboard fosters a spirit of friendly competition among drivers, encouraging them to hone their eco-driving skills. This dynamic environment motivates drivers to continually strive for better energy efficiency and performance, leading to a more engaged workforce and improved overall fleet efficiency.

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