eDrive DNA

Decode Energy Consumption Secrets

Introducing eDrive DNA

Our innovative software solution delves deep into the heart of your EVs, generating a comprehensive energy fingerprint that reveals the true essence of your vehicle’s consumption patterns.

As an EV automaker, eDrive DNA will take your EV design process to the next level, identifying energy-saving opportunities and enabling you to craft the ultimate eco-friendly driving machine. With our unique modeling approach, you’ll be able to optimize your vehicle designs for maximum efficiency.

Mastering Sustainability

Our energy profiling technology pinpoints areas of improvement across the full spectrum of vehicle components, from powertrain to electronics and climate control.
We empower you with actionable insights to make data-driven decisions, fine-tuning your vehicle’s energy DNA for unparalleled performance.

Join the revolution in EV energy management with eDrive DNA and redefine the driving experience for a greener, smarter, and more efficient future. Discover the hidden potential of your vehicles and let the power of our software drive your success in the rapidly evolving electric vehicle landscape.


Enhanced Energy Efficiency

eDrive DNA profiling solution enables EV manufacturers to pinpoint energy consumption patterns, ultimately optimizing vehicle performance and reducing energy usage.
This leads to longer driving ranges and lower operating costs for EV owners

Customized Optimization

By generating a comprehensive energy consumption DNA for each EV, eDrive DNA allows EV manufacturers to tailor their software solutions to the specific needs of each vehicle model. This results in a finely-tuned driving experience and improved overall performance

Continuous Improvement

eDrive DNA enables EV manufacturers to stay ahead of the curve by adapting and evolving their EV offerings with each vehicle iteration. This ensures that they can continuously deliver cutting-edge, energy-efficient vehicles to the market meeting the growing demand for sustainable transportation

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