eDrive IQ

The Smart Energy Management Engine for Future-Ready EVs

Introducing eDrive IQ

As the next evolution in electric vehicle innovation, eDrive IQ harnesses the power of your eDrive DNA energy profiles to create a truly intelligent driving experience. Our adaptive software engine seamlessly integrates with your EV, delivering real-time energy optimization recommendations tailored to your vehicle’s unique consumption DNA.

Adaptive Energy Management

eDrive IQ works in harmony with your vehicle, dynamically adjusting to driving conditions and offering instant guidance on energy-efficient practices. From route planning and regenerative braking to temperature control and accessory management, our cutting-edge engine empowers automakers with actionable insights that maximize efficiency and extend range.


Unleash Your EV's Full Potential

Tap into the hidden power of your electric vehicle. By analyzing real-time CAN bus data and decoding your EV's energy profile, eDrive IQ empowers automakers to optimize power consumption, boost performance, and unlock extended range without sacrificing the driving experience.

Adaptive Range Maximization

eDrive IQ intelligent software dynamically adapts to your EV's unique energy profile, identifying ways to optimize power consumption and extend range in real-time. Embrace the freedom of the open road with confidence, knowing that eDrive Coach has your back and is constantly working to keep you moving further.

Efficient EV Evolution

With eDrive IQ, you're not only investing in today's performance but also securing tomorrow's success. Our software enables automakers to stay ahead of the curve by continuously adapting and evolving their EV offerings, ensuring that your fleet remains at the forefront of energy efficiency, performance, and range.

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