Electric School Buses – Who Protects Our Children from Radiation?

One of the biggest trends in future mobility is Electrification.

Public transportation obviously goes with the flow, and more specifically, buses: There are a bit less than one hundred million buses operating today, around 4% are Battery Powered Electric Buses (BEB). Around 99% of all BEBs operate in China but we see positive progress in transitioning to BEBs in US, Europe, Australia, and other regions. While today less than 500 thousand buses are electric, it is estimated that by the year 2030 around 10 millions will be BEB.

In the US, Billions of dollars are being invested by Federal, State, and private sectors, supporting this transition. An interesting fact related this trend is that over 30 States have decided to replace all diesel school buses to electric school buses. Naturally, taking the polluted diesel buses off the road and replacing them with electric buses surely is aligned with the idea of moving towards a greener environment.


Are we opening a Pandora’s Box by introducing a new health hazard?

Are we risking our children by exposing them to electromagnetic radiation?

Electric vehicles are packed with electric components. Their powertrain, electric engines, inverters, the vehicle’s wiring, wireless communication modules and so on, they all create in-cabin magnetic density. The autonomous driving products, such as, LiDAR, or high frequency CPU to continuously process TBs of information, also create magnetic density. The growing number of electric components, the proximity between the equipment and passengers, and the exposure duration to the electromagnetic radiation, they all create health hazard to passengers. Any passenger. However, research indicate that children are at much higher risk.

The question is: Who protects our children?

VHOLA develops a technology which allows monitoring and controlling electric vehicles’ in-cabin radiation levels, protecting passengers from the effects of prolong exposure to electromagnetic radiation.

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