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Electric Vehicle Energy

In a comprehensive view, electric vehicle energy consumption can be defined as the aggregate of the following components

Energy that is required at the wheels to propel the vehicle
Energy loss along the powertrain
Energy that is required for the operation of the auxiliary devices

We’re passionate about driving the future of sustainable transportation. Our groundbreaking software solution transforms electric vehicle (EV) energy efficiency by optimizing Electronic Control Unit (ECU) operation through a pioneering modeling process.

By detecting electromagnetic fields and generating a comprehensive EV energy consumption DNA, we empower automotive manufacturers to minimize energy usage, extend range, and enhance vehicle performance.

Crafting Energy Profiles

Data Acquisition

Power consumption data from a variety of sensors with correlation to the CAN BUS network

Data Analytics & Modeling

The data collected from multiple sources is analyzed in our cloud systems and provides insights of energy consumption per driving profile

Recommendation Engine

Our software algorithms detects and classifies the energy consumption in any driving profiles and triggers actions to reduce it

Our Solutions

EV Energy Fingerprint

eDrive DNA

Transforming auto designs into sleek, energy-savvy EV masterpieces with cutting-edge solutions that decodes consumption secrets

eDrive IQ

Empower EVs with real-time, adaptive energy management for peak efficiency intelligent driving inspired by your vehicle's DNA

eDrive Coach

Boost fleet range & savings with intelligent alerts, live insights, and driver efficiency challenges. Unlock the future of eco-friendly fleet management

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